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virtual interactive whiteboard

Presentation and demo

Presenting HOLOS vIWB by using HOLOS vIWB.

Unique selling points

Quick run-through of what makes HOLOS vIWB unique.

Teaching examples

Quick demo of HOLOS vIWB in multilingual teaching situations.

TeachingExamplesVideo PresentationVideo USPsVideo CaricatureOfFoundersVideo

Live caricature using HOLOS

Famous Scottish cartoonist caricatures the developers.


Projector integration

Demo of 3 camera positions for projector integration.


Short-throw setup

Quick demo of functions and range for short-throw setup.

Spontaneous Art

Spontaneous art

HOLOS in the hands of a budding young artist.

HOLOSOverviewVideo FirstTimeUserCat

HOLOS wider applications

Short clip showing general HOLOS technology in action. HOLOS.integration.

First time user

Never used it before, shows the ease of use of HOLOS.